Ministry of Education showed versions of tests for drugs

07155207.001517.4280On a single portal placement and discussion of legal acts Ministry of Education and Science has published two versions of a drug test for students. Law on drug testing of students (after the test they will have to be tested) came into force in December last year.Testing is voluntary and for teens 13-15 years old need parental consent, and for 15-17-year-olds – own written consent. Filling out a questionnaire students will be allocated 45 minutes. These two questions in the questionnaire are: “If the magician turned you into a tree, you’d rather be: a) a lonely, majestic pine on a cliff top, and b) an apple tree in the orchard, and c) do not know”, “It sometimes happened that before you sleep in the dark sometimes imagined the human face and figure? “,” Despite the danger, would you like to hunt a tiger? “,” You’d rather listen to: a) brass band playing dance music, and b) the performance of the teacher on very interesting for your topic,) difficult to say “and others.


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