Moscow mayor’s office confirmed refusal to hold processions opposition in Tver


In the Moscow mayor’s office officially confirmed the refusal to agree opposition march March 15 Tverskaya Street. “We were offered an alternative route,” – said to “Interfax” on Friday the head of department of regional security mayoralty of Moscow Alexei Mayorov. According to him, the authorities are ready to coordinate opposition march on March 15 Passion Boulevard to Sakharov avenue, followed by a rally, without crossing the Garden Ring. The representative of the mayor’s office said that the authorities are ready to coordinate participation in the action of 50 thousand people. “Application filed by 50 thousand. We will see how they will collect “- said the Mayor. Mayorov said that the opposition has time to reflect on the proposed route, but three days before the event must be decided on its agreement. “We have made proposals on the basis of all the activities that this day will be held in the city. Them enough. This is not the only event. We offer the best and all the familiar route, “- said the Mayor. Earlier on Friday, the “Committee of protest actions,” said Peter Tsar’kov “Interfax” that the option proposed by the mayor’s office, most likely, the opposition is not satisfied. In the original application, which was filed in the mayor’s office, notified the opposition plans to hold a rally on March 15, Tverskaya Street, attended by 50 thousand people and a subsequent rally on Revolution Square. Opposition are going to devote an antiwar rally category.


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