Ukrainian Defense Ministry has withdrawn troops from Russian universities


Ukrainian military personnel undergoing training in Russia, recalled to his homeland. This “Interfax-Ukraine” reported the press service of the Defense Ministry of the Republic. There’s clear that this decision was made head of the department Igor Tenyukh.Until now, according to the ministry, in the military schools of various Russian cities studied 26 Ukrainian officers. Earlier, the employees of Kiev military lyceum Ivan Bohun turned to naval cadets Lyceum Sevastopol (which soon will be a referendum on the possibility of joining Russia), with a proposal to transfer to their school. The reaction of students to this appeal, there is no information yet.  Relations between Ukraine and Russia have been exacerbated by the situation in the Crimea, where scheduled for March 16 referendum on self-determination. Residents asked to choose autonomy – whether they want to enter into the Russian Federation or to remain part of Ukraine. Surge of separatist sentiment in the peninsula was provoked the change of power in Ukraine, which occurred in late February. This was preceded by violent clashes between opposition supporters and security forces, during which, according to official figures, 100 people were killed. Parliament, which passed under the control of the opposition, ousted President Viktor Yanukovych from power, and he left the country. Part of the Crimean population opposed the new Ukrainian leadership, which replaced Yanukovych. Crimean caused discontent, particularly the rise to power of Ukrainian Nationalists. Autonomy was appointed the new prime minister, a pro-Russian activist Sergei Aksenov, who refused to submit to Kiev and temporarily subdued Peninsula law enforcement agencies. He also appealed to Russian authorities for assistance in securing peace in the region. March 1 Federation Council authorized the deployment of Russian troops in the Ukraine. Later, President Vladimir Putin said that the need for the use of troops yet.


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